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Creating a website is tough

I recently finished reading the book "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway" by Susan Jeffers. In it, the writer describes a variety of ways to fight through the fear, or at least some of these things in life that we tend to put off, avoid, or otherwise procrastinate. For me, creating a website was a challenge. I can organize and jump head first into many projects, but creating a website for my private practice has been tough. Finally, page by page, I worked, edited, and its finally here...and it feels great!

Sometimes, that's all it takes. Moving slowly or dipping your toes in to test the waters. Educating yourself about the thing that you avoid or fear so that in the end, you can realize, its not all that bad if you take it piece by piece, moment by moment. Until eventually, you realize that you're actually doing that thing that you thought you might never do.

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