• Aviva Gaskill

Feeling SAD on a Rainy Day

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) plagues many people, including up to 11 million individuals in the US each year. Another 25 million suffer from a milder form of seasonal depression and droves of other people just feel down or blue when the weather is bad. Its a pretty snowy day out today, and I find myself being reminded of how challenging life can feel on a grey day. A few tips for those who feel blue when the weather is grey:

-Sit in front of a specialized light designed for therapy. They are very effective and can be found all over the internet:*

-Expose yourself to bright joyful photos of family/friends or even just colorful photos in a magazine.

-Move or exercise even a little.

-Grab a cup of tea/coffee and read some of that great book on your couch.

-Talk to someone or watch something that makes you laugh.

-Get out of the house/apartment for a bit.

-Take an umbrella and stand outside in the rain for a few deep breaths. Notice what it feel like to have the rain/snow kiss your skin.

I was once told a proverb that we all get wet in the rain, at least a little bit. If we can acknowledge and accept this rather than constantly fight or block it, it may not feel so awful.


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